An Evening With Friends

A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday evening, as I left the office I was to join a member of my team and 3 former members of our department. We had all joined together back in January of 2007 and now the 3 of them work in different cities. The guy, Neil, now works from Kannur, Shalina works & lives in Trivandrum & Vidya has just come back from studying in Australia. So we’d planned this for a few days and finally the day was decided. Now we needed a place to meet up and have a little dinner.

After a few days, Ajeeba (who is still in my team), found out that a new restaurant based on the Kentucky Fried chicken concept had opened up on SRM Road. It was called Chicknik and was quite and spacious. So we would meet there. After a review with the clients, I left to join the four of them. I was quite late and by the time I reached they were almost done with dinner and had ordered for me. As I sauntered in, I saw the four of them sitting at a big table, relaxing after a nice meal of fried chicken, buns, cream cheese & mayo. I joined in and quickly sat down and greeted everyone. I went to freshen up and then quickly ate my meal as I wanted to talk with the 4 of them. The time I got to spend with them was short but it was worth it. I miss all of them a lot.

The restaurant was a nice setup and quite but classy. I really liked the place and their layout was nice. I think it’s a good option if you want a quite peaceful place to eat some chicken and have a good conversation with your buddies or with family.

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