An Unexpected 3 Day Weekend

So I am enjoying an unexpected 3 day weekend at the moment. After a week of 6:30 pm to 3:30 am work shift I got to know yesterday at around 5 pm that we will be given the day off on Monday the 21st of October due to the by elections happening in the state. This means we get a 3 day weekend! Now this was only decided at around 5pm so the announcement was a big surprise.

That means we have a fun time ahead. I must say that I do feel very tired and after I woke up at 11 am I decided not to do anything major other than have a cup of coffee and have a light lunch and then a nap at 2pm. I tried watching some tv but I guess sleep caught up with me. The nap is a good thing. I was planning on meeting my cousin for drinks and some Chinese food this evening but yesterday I asked him to check with Golden Dragon to see if they will serve alcohol on Sunday (since the next day is the election).

By this morning we got to know that both Golden Dragon and our other watering hole, Couchyn, will not be serving drinks tomorrow so we are meeting at 7pm tonight. I would have preferred to have rested again the rest of the day and gone tomorrow afternoon but this is still ok. Sunday and Monday is open for me to do anything and I think I might go on Monday to get a haircut and see about enhancing my laptop’s RAM.

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