And So It Starts….

Well in the end it’s 5 of my trainers who have decided to leave. 5 out of 6! Best thing is that these 5 are all getting a package 100% more than what they were getting here. Where else can you find a 100% hike opportunity?

Today was the last day for my ‘annankunju’, Rashba, my youngest team member and I’m gonna miss her a lot. She and her best friend, who works in the quality, department are making the move together and that is good for the both of them. She completed the exit formalities and signed everything and then by 3 pm she took her leave of us. I teared up as I said goodbye and she wiped my tears (I’m 9 years older and I’m the one who’s crying and it’s her who is wiping my tears!) as I asked her to keep in touch and email often.

She asked me to try to move to the new company that she and the others are moving to. I made a vague promise of trying and told her to be careful and take care. She’s coming back to Cochin in 2 months and we will get together for a lunch or something. I hope she does well.

So that’s one down – another guy leaves tomorrow and the third the day after. The final two will wait till the 25th of the month to leave.

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