And Then There was One!

Another one bites the dust. Out of my 2 best friends, one is married and till this Sunday there will be two single men. Because on Sunday, my buddy Anil Alapatt is getting engaged. The surprise information hit me this evening when Anil called me up on his way back home to Thrissur to let me know that he is about to take the big step before the biggest step in his life.Madhu is getting company in the married men list of our small gang, leaving me as the only eligible single dude.

As the story goes, he’s 36 years old and his parents are alarmed by the amount of hair that he is losing and the scalp that they can see on the top of his head. Carefree bachelor lifestyle happiness be damned and they went out to search for a woman for him. A good proposal came their way and his parents took to meet the girl and her family. She is a lecturer at a college in Thrikkakara and she is 30 years old. It seems that his parents like her and he does too. So her family also comes to visit his house in Thrissur and both parties are satisfied that the families are a match. He likes her and surprise, surprise she has agreed to marry him!

So there goes another long time bachelor, bowing down in front of the marital monster. The wedding date is to be decided on Sunday but in all likelihood it will be in January. So I guess I am the only single guy in our little trio. I’m happy as hell for him but this just makes me feel a little down. I guess I will find my life partner one of these days too. I just have to be patient and she will come along.

Join me in congratulating Anil and best wishes for the engagement on Sunday.

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