And Then There Were Three @ Cochin Square

I would like to bring to your notice that I’m now also blogging at, a community website that updates you about the developments of the city of Cochin. We bring to you the happenings in and around Cochin with the help of our sources so that you do not miss anything that’s happening in this busy little city.

The site is owned & maintained by Anand Subramanian, who mainly blogs at his personal website TheAnand. Currently there’s only the two of us contributing to the articles (I have 2) but we’re being joined by a third soon – Priya @ Composed Volcano is signing up as a contributor.

I hope becomes a go to site for all web savvy Cochin citizens and for those interested in our city.

3 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three @ Cochin Square

  1. Thanks for spreading the word. There are more than three of us currently. there is a jithin jr. who is a student, Srinivasan, an accountant who have contributed in the past to the site. :)

  2. Hi
    Found your blog recently, and was so glad that we had such an informative one about Cochin. We would also like to share something with you, please visit, Future Cochin Forum is a common forum for the residents of Cochin. We are a group of youngsters, concerned about the present living condition of our city. Each of us are affected in one way or the other.
    FCF would be a platform for everybody to share their concerns, bring forward suggestions and opinions, and more over, we are not just confined to internet. We do on ground surveys, bring out the results of the surveys through various PR activities and of course through blogs and emails.
    We also seek contributions from active netizens like you. Please write to us if you would like to write in our blog or be a part of FCF.
    FCF Team

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