Angel : Season 2

Now without a base of operations, Angel Investigations still try to help the helpless. Angel mistakenly kills a demon who was protecting a pregnant lady and must then replace the demon as the lady’s champions and fight for the her & her baby’s protection. The trio also find the Hyperion Hotel which will become their new office. The hotel was also the place where Angel stayed in the 1950s and now tracks down a demon who killed the residents there. Angel also helps a telekinetic young girl, who was being used by Lilah & others at Wolfram & Hart for ulterior motives. Wesley discovers that the girl’s powers stem from her being sexually abused by her father when she was younger. A human Darla meanwhile, having been resurrected, is playing mind games with Angel which also has him clash with his police friend Kate. In order to get over his obsession with Darla, Angel tries to find guidance from a new age swami and Wesley has to pretend to be Angel when a powerful businessman wants his daughter to be under protection. Wesley also has an affair with the daughter. Darla slowly remembers her past but is dying. She has a change of heart when Angels undergoes a series of demonic challenges in order to save her but in the end, Wolfram & Hart have Drusilla sire Darla back as a vampire.

So now Angel must kill Darla before she rises but with Drusilla in the way, that fails. Darla & Drusilla crash a wine tasting party at Holland’s house and although Angel comes there in time, he closes the door and lets the evil vampires feast on the lawyers who are present at the event. Only Lindsey & Lilah survive. Angel fires the rest of the staff and seeks out to kill Darla & Dru. In his fight, Angel manages to show the manager of a teen shelter that the law firm, who pretend to be a benefactor, are in fact stealing from the shelter. At the shelter, a group of zombie policeman attack the teens and Wesley is shot while trying to calm a zombie cop down. Angel manages to break the spell that the chief of police had had done to make the dead cops come to life.

Angel finally realizes that he was wrong to have sent his friends away and wants to make amends. With the feelings hurt, Cordelia, Gunn & Wesley initially reject him but to prove that he is truly sorry, Angel offers to work for them instead of the other way round. Harmony comes to visit Cordy and after a confusion over her sexuality stays with the gang for a bit. She however betrays them and although Cordelia has the chance to dust her former best friend, she spares her.

While trying to rescue Cordelia through a portal to a demon dimension, the group meet up with Winnifred ‘Fred’ Burkle, a physicist who got sucked into the portal 5 years ago. Angel rescues her and Lorne, who had come with them, meets up with his family. Cordelia is made princess when some demon monks find out that she is cursed with visions. She falls in love with the Groosalugg, but has to leave him behind when the group finally make their way back to Los Angeles. So the gang add a fifth member in Fred and make their way back to their office, only to find Willow waiting for Angel to tell him the news that Buffy is dead.

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