Another 4 Day Weekend!

So, another 4 day long weekend awaits. Looong weekend. I wish all weekends were this long! Wishful thinking I know but somedays after a long stretch at the office (today for no good reason I was stretching for an additional 3 hours and 15 minutes. Sheesh, this is becoming terrible.

Anyways, I have got one more day of work and then it’s four days off. Friday is Mahanavami and Monday is Gandhijayanti/Gandhi’s birthday – therefore the extra two days off. Since I usually hate Mondays this is a good thing. I plan to go out on Friday and Sunday and rest and relax on Saturday and Monday. And go back to work fresh on Tuesday.

I am going to watch a bunch of films and tv show episodes. This is gonna be good. Eat some good food too. Maybe some vodka!

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