Another Head Cold & Sick Day

I was on a sick yesterday as I left the office at the end of my work shift Thursday (or rather early Friday morning) with the mother of all head colds and sneezing badly throughout the work shift. I dunno what happened; I was alright when I left my home for work though I sneezed a few times. I though it was just dust and didn’t think that I would fall ill.

But ill I was. I struggled throughout the hours at work and just couldn’t wait to get out. I came home and watched a couple of episodes of Friends (always end the day with some sitcom) and then went to sleep. I woke up by 8 in the morning struggling to breath through my nose as it was blocked in tight and I was having a bit of wheezing. I struggled through the morning and by 10 am I was ready to go back to bed. I watched some more Friends but fell asleep about an hour in and woke up only by 2:30 pm. I first called in sick and then had lunch and watched Underworld from my bed. In the evening I was ok enough to sit up at my desk for a couple of hours before wanting to lie down again.

After a light dinner I then watched this week’s episodes of Supernatural & Star Trek Discovery before watching Bridge of Spies for the second time and then went to bed. This morning I feel better but not enough to venture out. I will stay in and rest.

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