Another Look At The Original V Mini-series

I just rewatched the original V mini-series – The Original Miniseries and The Final Battle. While I am once again very impressed with the serious ‘Nazi-facsist’ style movement of the first mini-series, the second (while quite entertaining & more action packed) reminded me of the same disease that struck the regular single season episodes. The disease is a funny one in which, much like Storm troopers, the Visitor soldiers seem to have practically no aim! A human will be standing right in front of them and yet the laser gun will hit the ceiling or the door behind their target or the walls! Several times the visitors just seem to be aiming elsewhere or anywhere but at the intended human target.

But in return they act like sitting ducks for most of the humans who shoot at them. Scene after scene of numerous visitor troops rushing in and humans shooting at them. Each extra who is in visitor uniform seem eager to hit the ground as soon as a gun shot is heard. The visitor soldiers fall so easily I wonder how much military training they have ever had. Sometimes you have the odd thing of a shot not even hitting the visitor but he readily falls with a funny “ah oh” sound indicating that he has been hit and is dying quickly. I bet the directors wanted to stop and reshoot but then thought “Oh what the heck, might as well roll the camera!” Also it is so funny to see the extras in red uniforms falling like 10 pins and on getting shot do acrobatic style jumps & twists as they get shot & die! And if you throw a grenade and it explodes, two visitors half a kilometer away will get affected and fall down and die!

I’m not dissing the show. For a scifi show during the cheesy era of the early 1980s, V still has a lot to offer a new viewer in terms of a storyline and entertainment. Even kids who weren’t born during the 80s will find some enjoyment in it. My now 15 & 13 year old newphews and almost 7 year old niece enjoyed it a lot and they watched it 2 years ago. On first viewing they enjoyed it so much and became avid fans. My niece even wanted to know if she could remove her eyeballs just like the visitors did with their fake human looking eyes. Ah, so much fun! Just don’t be a nameless visitor soldier!

This above shot by lead character Mike Donovan would have taken out atleast 5 alien visitors! Bang – you all fall dead!

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