Another Tiger Woods Connection!

You’ve got to admire Tiger Woods decision to come back to the PGA tour after a four month absence. I mean, after all the dirt that has been dished about, Tiger (has got Wood) can expect that from the first day on the grass he is going to be a target for hecklers.

I know he’s got a ton of fans but the casual golf fan would have turned against him by now. The first opportunity to find out how he plans to deal with it will come April 5, the Monday afternoon of Masters week, when he sits for his pretournament interview. And as I read, every week it seems that another bimbo reveals her affair with Tiger!

When did he ever find time to be the champion golfer that he is & stay with his wife and have two kids while humping all those women? The hookers, porn stars, night club cocktail waitresses Рdude  must have an unending supply of Viagra! And now Рit seems that he used to date LeAnne Rimes. But that was before his marriage.

One thought on “Another Tiger Woods Connection!

  1. while I think what Tiger did to his family is absolutely disgusting, I dont think that makes him any less of a golfer! I am interested in watching him during the Masters!

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