Another Weird Little Dream

Another one of those dreams that I’ve had that make me feel so weird and will stay with me for a long, long time. In this dream I had last night/early today morning, I was somehow still living in my old home in Thrikkakara although the place did not look much like the small suburban town I know and love. But still similar somehow. Anyway, I was on an evening walk and looking to buy batteries for my USB mouse. Which is something really weird to go dreaming about, right? Anyway, I went to a couple of stores but couldn’t find the right type (AA) and was even appalled at the rudeness of some of the shopkeepers in some stores, which aren’t ones that I recognize.

After a while I realized that I had walked quite a bit and was in an unfamiliar section of the town. I stopped at one place and the guy, a white guy (again, unusual) told me that although he didn’t have any, the large store next to him run by a family, would surely have some. So I went out and opened the door and was greeted by one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She had brown hair, fair skin, was the right mix of Indian and Caucasian looks and she had the loveliest smile. I was mesmerized and it took me a good 5 minutes before I could collect my brain and ask her for the item I wanted. She had some and got me the batteries and we chatted for a bit. I was in awe of her beauty but a short conversation later, realized that she was atleast 12-14 years younger than me and it wasn’t really appropriate for me to start falling for her.

However she seemed to be very friendly and offered to walk me back to my place as I wasn’t familiar with the area and seemed lost. Sure, I would love that! We walked by in the evening moonlight and talked and I found myself wishing that the evening would never end. However I was a gentleman and once we got back, introduced her to my cousin sister and we took her car and drove the young lady back home as it was getting a quite dark and there was chance of rain. As I walked her to her door, I failed to notice the many eyes upon us as we still talked for a while at her doorstep. I didn’t want to say goodbye to her but I did. And then my cousin sister and I went back home. The next day it was my cousin’s wedding and I went to a florist shop in the town to buy some and there the older man who owns the store and who I have spoken to a few times before, and who lived in the same neighbourhood as the young lady I met last night. And he spoke to me about this girl, insinuating that I had designs on her.

The way he was fake smiling and talking to me about my evening was as if I took the young girl on a date. The same sentiments was shared by the middle aged women from the next store and I felt like I was being put on the stand, trying to defend my actions! And I didn’t do anything wrong! So, I said that she was the one who offered to show me the way back to my home and as a thanks, I had my cousin drive her back home as there was quite a distance and it was late. Yes I spoke to her for a while but it was in public, just outside her home as well. I also said that, despite anything else, I did realize that she was only 25 or 27 and as a gentleman there was no way that I would try to do something. I was angry and really riled up and gave a police complaint against the two folks (just so that things wouldn’t turn back on me) and because my family told me to. The last part I remember is going with the cops to the two stores (but the owners had decided to leave there as they knew that I was giving a complaint) and then I woke up.

Weird, why the heck would I dream of something like that?

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