Anthony Bourdain In Kochi & Kerala

Some of you my dear readers who are not from this part of the world might enjoy watching this. Curious about my city & state and the food we eat here? Anthony Bourdain came to visit this part of India on his tv show No Reservations a couple of years ago. Most of it was in Cochin, a village an hour or so outside of Cochin and then the backwaters of Kerala. Watch and your mouth will water!

Here’s part 1:

And part two:

And finally part three:

3 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain In Kochi & Kerala”

  1. Yeah Selma. My apartment is a short drive away from the first place, the street food, that Bourdain eats at. I do not go to toddy shops for either drinking (yuck I hate that stuff) or eating but I have had some of the stuff he’s had. Anthony is the coolest and I want his job.
    Awesome is the word Meleah.
    Hey when u guys come down here, I’ll take you to these places but the housboat & food there is very expensive.

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