Anti-Spam Blues

As my regular readers would have noticed, I’ve changed my WordPress Theme…….again! That’s right! In my never-ending search for that perfect predominant white theme that screams “me”, I changed into this theme (SimpleBlog) that you currently see, a few days ago. And I liked what I saw.

What I didn’t notice was that there was a incompatibility with my anti-spam plugin (Peter’s Anti-Spam) & this theme. The plugin just doesn’t seem to work with this theme and shows an error message. I hadn’t noticed the error but I did notice a lack of comments since the change. Well, not that I get very many comments on my blog but it’s rare for a few days to pass and no comment on any of the numerous blog posts that I have.

While I was sleeping Meleah tried posting a comment and as she couldn’t get it done, she emailed me &, in Twitter, DM’d (now that sounds dirty) me that she was getting this error message. So morning cup of coffee in hand, I tried the same and got the same error message. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the plugin but to no avail. Just not compatible. So – I got rid of it and activated both Akismet & reCaptcha anti-spam plugins. Selma successfully commented on my last post just a few minutes later so that seems to be fixed.

I hope I don’t have anymore issues with the plugins; I get bombarded by lots of spam in a day.

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