I had been feeling rather down for a few days because of work. Well, not because of work but because after all the hard work I was putting in, a mistake by someone else was highlighted as a huge mistake by our team and I took the brunt of the blame. And the reaction to it made me feel like, all the work was for nothing. The stress that I went through to personally follow up on each minor detail was all for nothing. It made me feel like I failed and that I wasted 5 weeks. It was hard for me to get out of bed the next couple of days.

However, on Wednesday evening there was a small meeting and in it, to my surprise, my efforts were highlighted and I got a small round of applause (in reality but to my tired & relieved brain it sounded like thunderclaps) for me. I knew then that I was appreciated and that my efforts weren’t in vain. I don’t want the spotlight on me all the time or even at all. I am content to support and work in the background. But a little appreciation once in a while is all I ask for. And that was what I got.

And what happened when I got it? As usual, I was blushing and I wanted to run away

3 thoughts on “Appreciated

  1. That’s what so great about some of you ladies. There’s three of you ladies, my regular readers, who get me so well. The comments that u put make me feel so good, cause there are people who understand exactly how I feel. That’s why I love u so much Meleah

  2. Thats one thing about blogging I love so much…its so nice knowing that you are not alone, when you are having a HARD TIME or a GREAT TIME….the support of a blog community is amazing

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