I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t more than a little scared about starting off at a new place of work. My security blanket that was the net of friends & colleagues and friendly colleagues that are in my current place of work in some capacity or the other won’t be available to me at the new company. Ok, I do have a few friends or rather acquaintances over there (which is how I got my foot in the door in the first place) but it’s nothing compared to what I have here. After I sent out sms after sms to most of the people here, informing them that I had just resigned as I got a new job, several called me back to enquire about the details while others sent back smses of the congratulatory kind.

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I know that they have my best interests in mind and that they have felt sorry for my state of being since Jan 06. So they are happy for me that I will be getting a better pay and a better status, even if it somewhere else. Do I dare assume that I will be getting similar kind of feeling from another place? I have always been able to make friends fast and people generally seem to like me & be fond of me. I know that, to some,for a guy of 30 it may seem….childish! But I assure you that it is no such thing, just a lonely guy’s thoughts. And in return I do get attached to people.

Well in a few minutes I will have to get ready to go to work. These next few days will be the hardest and the longest of the year that I have spent here. But they should not have any resentment to me leaving them. After all, it’s not like they have really done that much for me. I have done more than what they pay me for and I don’t even get any credit back for it; forget about payment. Everyone I met for the interview in the new company asked me the same thing – you were actually doing two jobs that was not meant to be done! My thoughts exactly. I could not concentrate on the training & quality aspects of my job since I also had to do supervision. It is a sad part of the fact that I did really enjoy my job but perhaps not really working there since certain people came in to higher posts.

Song for the day – “The Wonderful Future” – OUR LADY PEACE

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