Are There Any Benefits To Learning An Instrument As An Adult?

When you were young, did you learn to play a musical instrument? Are you all grown up now and wishing that you would have learned how to play one when you were younger? Stop wishing that you knew how to play one and start learning how to play a musical instrument today. Not only will you be turning your dream into a goal that you can accomplish, but by learning to play a musical instrument as an adult, you can also get a variety of benefits. Below is a list of some of the benefits that you can get from learning to play a musical instrument as an adult. Hopefully, by reading about these benefits, you will learn something new, and maybe, it will also inspire you to pick up a musical instrument.


Learning a new instrument does not necessarily mean that you have to leave your house because, with technology, you can learn to play an instrument online. Still, you may want to leave your house to learn to play a new instrument because socialization is important. If you are not socializing enough, then by taking in-person music lessons, you will have to leave the house, and you will socialize with your teacher. Perhaps if you feel like you need more socialization, you can also try to connect with other people who also have an interest in playing an instrument.

Your Brain

There are a variety of ways that learning to play a musical instrument can help your brain. One great benefit is that it can help with increasing the amount of grey matter that is in your brain. Research has found that “the volume of grey matter in a number of regions of the brain is higher in those learning to play a musical instrument.”  Another way that learning an instrument is beneficial is that it can help your mental health; this is because when you play an instrument, it can help to reduce your stress.

Reaching For Your Goals

If you really want to learn to play an instrument, then setting a goal and working towards it can feel very rewarding. You can set smaller goals to work towards getting to your bigger goal of being good at playing the instrument, and when you get there, you will feel as though you accomplished your goal. If, for example, you have been wanting to learn to play the piano, then find a great place to take piano lessons and start going there.

Overall, there are so many benefits that can come from learning a musical instrument, such as wonderful benefits for your brain. There are also other ways to improve your brain if this is something that is of interest to you. If all of these benefits have you wanting to take music lessons then you should do some research as to where you can go to take lessons and start working towards your goal. Who knows, maybe someday you will be as good as Elton John is at the piano. Even if you aren’t, you can be happy knowing that you are getting so many other benefits from learning to play a musical instrument.

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