Are They Gone?

Hurray, my blog has been spam free all of a sudden. Both the anti-spam plugins that I installed didn’t seem to be working the way that I wanted them to. There were still quite a few spam comments coming in to my WordPress dashboard and I spent at least 10 minutes per day in deleting them. Now, all of a sudden, the spam bots don’t seem to be working anymore! Or something! I am not complaining; I have been bug free for about 10 days now. Whoopeee!!

4 thoughts on “Are They Gone?

  1. I once got 200 spam messages in a single day! 200! The company that provides me with this server space sent me an email with the alarming count since all comments, spam or otherwise, will automatically send me an email. Although I disabled that, the count was/is very high.

  2. Yay! cuz you know how i feel about the word verification thingie… although yours is a million times better than the $@#$%$% one blogger makes you use. Makes my eyes cross! LOL

    I’ve never gotten spammed. I guess there is a good thing in being a small unpopular blog :-D yay me! ha ha!

  3. That’s not it Techno. I think Blogger sites are more protected rather than individual websites like mine. I am so happy to see that there are only lovely messages from my readers, instead of 10 different companies telling me how to increase the length of my you know what!

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