Are You A Late Shift/Night Shift Moaner?

Is it just me or when you do a an evening or night shift does the day seem to get shorter to you? Like the 24 hours isn’t what it used to be? When I work a general shift like a 9-6 or even a 10-7 it just seems like you have plenty of time post work to go do other stuff as well. I’ve worked 10am-7pm shifts for most of 2008-2011 and that’s what it felt like. 2012 onwards mostly general shift and I’ve had plenty of time to get coffee in a cafe, go to stores, shopping and then coming home to spend some time in front of the laptop before bedtime.

Yesterday I started a 4:30pm-1:30am shift and I dunno how long it will be this shift or if we will move to later shifts. It seems to me again that I am more tired and more sleepy and hence like to stay in bed. Perhaps that is the feeling of having a shorter day. Also going out for something like shopping or lunch or going to a bank or anything feels like something you can do on a day off and better stay at home. So the feeling of not having done anything other than work/sleep/eat builds up in you and you can’t wait for the weekend or whichever days of the week you are off to start doing things. I know that I’ve felt that way before and will still feel the same again.

Ah and the graveyard shifts. When you go to work in the nighttime and get back home to sleep in the day time. That is the worst of all. But it’s gotta be done and if you don’t do it someone else will gladly do it and keep your job. So if you have to do, you might as well make the most of it and even learn to enjoy it. Things will seem different and better to you.

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