Are You Sick Enough?

After a few days of normal temperature, things then got warm. It started getting hot & sweaty in the nights and the sheets start sticking to your legs.

And then it started raining! And when I mean raining, I mean RAINING! Animals were looking around for guys named Noah.

It rained quite a bit for a few days and then it stopped. Back to warm days once again. And hot nights! Nights when you hate the fact that you are Indian and have body hair! Ofcourse the damn blasted mosquitoes don’t help you either. And now the rains are back.

All this while, the air conditioner in the office has been cranked up to the maximum – why? Because some fucking dignitaries were in town and to please them (yeah, I can’t understand why) the admin & facilities team put the AC on full blast and make sure that every blinding tubelight in the building is switched on at all times. It hurts my eyes and my body!

So I come in from either the warm sun, or the rains, into this deep freezer and then I go out in the evening and it’s warm or it’s raining and it creates havoc with my sinus. I’ve been getting ill quite often lately and the reason is this abnormal weather that we’ve been experiencing plus the AC in the office. I dunno how much longer I can take of this.  Atleast today they had the sense to keep it at a lower level which was comfortable to all.

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