Arrgh, I’m Walking The Plank!

I’ve heard about them before; sand mafia who plunder the river banks of our state. Now the Anti-Sand Mining Cub, a unit set up by the Aluva police in order to put an end to these miscreants, have successfully tracked down and destroyed 201 country boats which are used for pilfering sand from the river Periyar within the last year. The powerful sand mafia have been plundering the Periyar for many years with the cops and the district administration remaining mute about it until this special unit was created.

Many sleepless nights were spent waiting on the banks for the plunderers in order to seize the country boats and destroy them. These boats cost around Rs.3 lakh and the mafia have almost stopped mining as they cannot afford the loss. So the Periyar River Pirates have been stopped in their tracks.

Reading about this reminded me of this song: a humorous comment on the state of farmers in Saskatchewan, Canada. Down on his luck and broke, a farmer takes to becoming a pirate on a boat which sails the North Saskatchewan river looting boats that carry produce and other goods. Here’s the video for The Last Saskatchewan Pirate by Tractor Jack (a cover of the Arrogant Worms original).

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