Arsenal 1 Liverpool 5

I’ve said for a long time – Arsene Wenger is the biggest problem the club has! Fire him, buy top players and make a strong winning team. With him in charge we are not going to win anything anymore. A shame to watch us as league leaders be humiliated at Liverpool losing 1-5. The game was over in the first 20 minutes as Liverpool went on a rampage & scored four in a devastating show of attacking football. By the end of the first half Arsenal were lucky to not have been 6-0 down! In the second half after Liverpool scored their 5th, Arsenal were able to get one back via a penalty spot kick. I hate Wenger and what he’s reduced the club to. Arsenal have a lot of good players but not enough to consistently challenge for the big 3 trophies – League, Champions League and the FA Cup. At best we could, if we are very lucky, win the FA Cup. we just don’t have it against the big clubs – Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City & now even Liverpool! It’s what I feel based on watching the team against the other top teams. I feel bad for the players because they have played their best throughout the season to gain all these points but they need help to strengthen the squad and it hasn’t happened.

I don’t know about the others but I’ve wanted Wenger to leave the club for the last couple of years now. Even this year, top of the league, with his inability to bring in top players I knew it was only a matter of time before our weaknesses are showcased in front of the clubs like Man U, Man City, Chelsea & Liverpool. I blog about each game I watch and in each I have stated that I want Wenger to leave the club or change his attitude when it comes to buying players. Maybe not like Chelsea or Man City but relax the purse strings a little bit more. When push comes to shove, our boys have played much better but the squad isn’t anywhere as strong as it could be – only because with Wenger we can’t get top class quality talent to come in as he won’t allow the club to spend money. And the upper management listen to him. We really needed some help coming in during the transfer window – the result was ridiculous! We are not a squad that can win the BPL, Champions League and it’s a actually a credit to the players that they have done this well.

Wenger and his stupid philosophy of not buying top class players because he feels it’s too much money (it’s not his money, the club is willing to spend but the board listens to him) should pack up and leave amicably at the end of the season. If not fire his ass!

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