Arsenal Lose To Lowly Stoke City

It’s a terrible result to lose to lowly Stoke City 1-2 even if it’s on their home grounds. It’s taken me two days to get over this miserable loss. At the Brittania Stadium, the Gunners seemed to lack that sharpness in their attack, despite dominating possession. I come back to the point I stated earlier in the season where I insisted that we need more big name players if we want to win silver. Arsenal also had Robin van Persie sent off for barging into the opposing goalie Thomas Sorensen. It was a case of bad to worse for Arsenal after the dramatic 4-4 draw with Tottenham in midweek, coupled with injuries to Emmanuel Adebayor and Theo Walcott, made it a grim day indeed for Arsene Wenger. Clichy made it 2-1 in the closing seconds with a twice-deflected shot – but it was not enough and a bad day got worse as Adebayor and Walcott left the pitch in considerable pain, the latter with his left arm in a sling.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal Lose To Lowly Stoke City

  1. Arsenal were completely outplayed, any football came from Stoke, but you are still a great team and will do well. A defeat at Stoke may just bring you the resolve and steel that you require. Good luck for the rest of the season and remember, you will not be the only team who find Stoke’s hard work and power too much at the Brit

  2. It seems that the newly promoted sides are working extra hard to create some damage in the Premier League. It’s good for the neutral fan. I also wonder how long their good form will last.

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