Arsenal Transfer : The Rumour That Refuses To Go Away

Karim Benzema to Arsenal is one rumour that refuses to go away. In the end, I hope it doesn’t turn out like fellow Real Madrid player Samir Khedira and Morgan Schnederlin.

The Metro says the French striker will be making his move to London shortly. Italian football journalist Emanuele Giulianelli says Arsenal people are flying to Madrid to finalise a deal for Benzema. It’ll be £35m, cheers. And Benzema will be paid £120,000 per week. Graham Hunter, who knows his Spanish football cebollas, added more details in an interview with Talksport. He says Benzema to Arsenal is eminently possible, but the striker will have to state his desire to leave Madrid.

“Arsenal have the money and Real Madrid need the money – they’re €500m in debt,” Hunter said. “They’re trying to buy David de Gea and won’t go the extra mile to get him off Manchester United because of the cash so they need the money.
“It is a doable deal, but it won’t happen unless Benzema says to Real Madrid, ‘I want to go to Arsenal’.”

I don’t know what to believe because one report with say that Benzema has finally asked for a move to Arsenal and other will say that Wenger played down the speculation of the Gunners going for the French striker. Wait is see is all we, the fans, can say.

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