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Hmm art is such a broad subject that it’s difficult to pigeonhole any one of the art forms and say this is what art I like best. However for the purpose of this blog prompt I shall say the following:

I like tattoos – tattoo art is on of the most difficult to do IMHO as a human or rather parts of a human’s body is the canvas and it is not a flat surface. Tattoo when done well is the most beautiful form of self expression and/or self identity. Most people get a tattoo done just because it’s cool and you want one but a lot of people (and their numbers are increasing) get one done to mark a milestone, pay homage to someone or something or crown an achievement in their life. A battle with an illness either their own or their loved one’s.

I’m not solely going by the stuff they have shown on the 3 reality tv shows on tattoos shops because we all know that a lot of that stuff is scripted and the sentimental stuff can be a lot of hogwash. But some of them are genuine and they symbolism behind the tattoo image is truly felt. Although tattooing a dead relative’s image on your body is too much if you ask me. But some of the stuff is really good.

Personally I would get something that is both a cool design and if I can find a symbolic meaning to it – great! The tattoo is for me as it is my body but you think it’s cool too, well let’s get a beer and talk about it.

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3 thoughts on “Art I Appreciate

  1. I really like tattoos and I want to get one but I am worried it will hurt and am acting like a baby about it. I would like to get a full sleeve done of Japanese art. It would be awesome. But I’ll probably chicken out!

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