Art Work From Namratha

My good friend Namratha Dand does some art work in her spare time away from work as a means to relieve some stress. Along the way, not only has she gotten good at it but she is also making money out of it. She creates plagues and wall murals, wall hangings and name plaque for people. She does it on demand and creates it as per the customer’s specifications.

Take a look at some of them.

I told her to showcase them in a blog which she can use to get more clients and use as reference material. She sent me these photos and has more. I’ve setup a simple blog for her since she didn’t know how.

4 thoughts on “Art Work From Namratha

  1. She’s be please as punch to hear that. Ofcourse as she is a Jain, it has to be non-alcoholic punch!

  2. She’s very talented. And you are very kind to set up a blog for her. I know she will do well because her work is of a very high quality. Who knows, she might be able to give up her day job? I wish her all the best!!

  3. That’s what I want for her. She has been stuck with this company for a few years now with no growth. She wants out. If she can get this going, I think she can soon setup a shop next to her home and spend more time with her mom, which is what she wants.

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