As I See The Ad In Print

This is a print ad for Hindware’s Italian Collection line of bathroom fittings. As the ads says, Inspired by the best in Italian art and design, this collection recreates the magic of finely crafted Italian bathrooms. This is a paper print ad which I had seen usually on the back of my Reader’s Digest copies. I don’t buy other magazines and so I don’t know which all mags this ad would appear in.

The bathroom looks good. If I had money and wanted to either refit or am buying a new apartment being constructed, I’d do for these kinds of fittings. Lovely shower with a state of the art shower system, sink, commode and marble looks gorgeous. I don’t see a bathtub but I’m guessing that it’s as artistically gorgeous as the rest. I have seen it a few times and each time my thoughts are not exactly on the bathroom & fittings. It’s on the woman in the center.

She’s attractive and looks to have a nice body. That hot pink top and whatever kind of sarong she has tied around her waste is not unflattering to say the least. Nice belly, long legs which lets you get an eyeful as she jumps and the cloth is hiked up and blown up just about enough to get show some flesh to entice me. That’s the first impression but my brain is not wired to stop at there. It goes on!

What the heck is she doing skipping rope in the bathroom? And with that insanely crazy expression on her face! Mouth open like that gives her an almost dumb & stupid expression! All I can think later is what if the tiles are a little wet and/or slippery and she slips while she’s on one foot? Next I imagine that she does and falls on her ass with a big thud! What if she hits her head on the tile or on the sink as she falls down? What if she hurts herself really badly? Or she falls in a real comical fashion? Will she need help? Doesn’t she know that she should probably do that in her bedroom or in another room?

I just can’t help picturing the different scenarios in my mind. Here’s a close up of the image on the back on this month’s Reader’s Digest. Sorry that it’s so blurry.

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