At The Age Of 35….

At age 35:

Based on a nightmarish dream, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Russian ambassador Aleksandr Borosovich Kurakin introduced the practice of serving meals in courses.

Frederic William Herschel, an English astronomer, invented the contact lens.

American sprinter Evelyn Ashford won her final Olympic gold medal at age 35, old for a sprinter.

Amedeo Avogadro developed Avogadro’s hypothesis.

Law School professor Anita Hill charged that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas made indecent remarks to her.

Margie Profet proposed a new theory of menstruation which claims that menstruation protects against infection and won a MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin achieved his life’s ambition at age 35 and wondered, what do you do after that?

Julia Child began to learn to cook.

Mozart had already created his wealth of music & stopped composing his masterpieces due to illness and died soon after.

I haven’t completed my book or learned to cook and musically I am an air guitar master at best. I haven’t been to the moon or introduced changes in serving meals and I stick to my spectacles, thank you very much. I never make indecent remarks to women, unless they want me to and once day dreaming is made an Olympic sport, I will win that gold!

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