Attacking Accents!

I don’t know what the big deal is with people having an accent different than yours. Ignorant, racist assholes look for irrelevant things such as accents to try and embarrass someone or a group of people. Only losers & jealous people do that. One of the lowest and most stupidest thing a person can make fun of, and by that I mean a person for whom English is a native language, is making fun of someone’s accent. Especially someone who knows and speaks one or more languages than you do! Which usually is the case.

People in different countries speak in various accents. Some accents are similar due to similar languages, closeness in geography etc. Your mother tongue influences the way you speak English. In India, there isn’t a single Indian language and hence when Indian speak English, it’s not one Indian accent. Someone from North India will have a different accent when h/she speaks English from a South Indian accent. I’m a Malayalee. My mother tongue Malayalam, although I initially grew up speaking mostly English and spoke more Malayalam only after I moved to India at the age of 11, highly influences my pronunciation of certain word. Especially when they have the ‘R’ sound! I know that. Most Indians, most Asians, most Africans, most Europeans and most South Americans are aware of what their accent sounds like. We don’t need YOU to tell us what it sounds like. And making fun of us by exaggerating the way we sound just makes you a racist and a moron!

For like the 10,000th time I read a racist comment by some asshole who couldn’t even string two proper sentences together, and whose spelling was atrocious by the way, that – after watching a video of an Indian family who migrated to the US speaking to their young children – that “some people” who can’t speak English properly shouldn’t speak English at all! That goes the same for you buddy! You can’t even write it down properly and English is your native language! I’ve noticed that there is a trend among those racist people – certain areas or states, certain religion too! Grow up. Apparently your parents didn’t teach you better when it comes to respecting others but try and learn it yourself!


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