Audit My Ass

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I don’t understand what is the purpose behind this! I guess every corporate has a person or team that does an audit for a center based on Admin & Security. Whenever these people, or sometimes any dignitary like a VP or EVP, comes to your branch, they make us clean out all books, files & papers on the desks and make the place look like it’s sterile.

This happened here (for the second time in the last 3 months) today. My question is, Who the fuck is convinced by this? C’mon dude – do you think that this is how it is everyday? It looks obvious that it was done just for the audit. It doesn’t look like anyone works here. Can they actually be dumb enough to fall for this joke?

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One thought on “Audit My Ass

  1. An even funnier thing is the ‘child-nabbing’ by govt schools. When the auditor comes, they get children from everywhere to make sure they reach the minimum number. Its an open secret – but everyone plays along.

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