August 1st Day Out

So much was expected out of today from me but it ended up not being upto what I had hoped at all. First of all I hadn’t been out in a while and enjoyed a long afternoon in the city. So I thought I needed to get out of the apartment today this weekend. I wasn’t able to  go out yesterday as I was broke and waiting for my salary to hit my account. Also I hadn’t yet received the reimbursement amount that I was to get out of my travel & food cost of the Bangalore trip from the company. So yeah I was broke. I so wish that I was able to go out yesterday.

There was a Tweetup happening in Coffee Cube, a cafe in Convent Junction, Ernakulam. Binny asked me to join up as I really wanted to get a chance to copy the entire 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica from him. He said that he would bring his external hard drive, so I should get my laptop and I could copy the files from him. So I agreed and even though the meet up was to start at 10 am (really? on a frigging Sunday morning?), I thought that I would join him at the cafe a little after 11am. So I did, an ATM visit and auto ride later.

This is my first visit to Coffee Cube and indeed I have rarely been to the whole Convent Junction area in the last few years. I usually head over to Padma / Shenoys or to Marine Drive for my needs. So, I got there and the place is packed; in this smallish room for a cafe, there are about 25 people all squashed in. Binny was seated towards the middle and waived me over and I grabbed a chair. There were about 20 people seated in two rows facing each other on one end and a few in the middle sitting around a table. Binny handed me his external hard disk while I removed my laptop from it’s bag and set it up on a table. I copied the entire BSG series and a couple of movies as well. I sat there while the files copied and watched the people chatting. I’m not very comfortable in large groups where I only know 1 person and so I didn’t even stop to have a coffee. The files that I wanted being copied, I copied over a few episodes of Stargate SG1 for him and then left.

I wanted to go to Lens & Frames and get a new pair of spectacles as mine is broken at the stem (I’m managing to keep it in place but it keeps coming off); however they were closed. I could have sworn that they open on Sundays. Oh well, I should get some coffee anyways yeah? So I went over to Barista Cafe in Bay Pride Mall – but they were closed today! I think they are going out of business; if anyone reading this from Cochin knows, please let me know. Barely having any breakfast I opted to go to the Food Court in the Mall and ordered a fresh mango juice and a chicken croissant. Both were good; the mango juice was fresh as they advertised and the croissant was hot & soft.

Spending some time there with laptop and watching the people sit, eat, drink and chat, I realize one thing – kids are noisy and they make a lot of fuss. They also run around and it’s distracting while you are trying to enjoy your juice. I spent some time milling about until 1pm and then went to Velocity to get some lunch and vodka – but wait, oh shit! I forgot that today was the 1st of August and hence bars are closed. Today is a dry day and I forgot. Great! Let’s just have some lunch and since Chiyang is near by I thought I’ll go there. I haven’t been to that hotel in ages and as I ate my noodles and chilly pork I remembered why! The noodles and pork was covered in thick oil and I felt a little sick after eating it. I couldn’t finish my plate but was still hungry so ordered some ice cream that would also clear my mouth and throat of that oily feeling. A wasted day where nothing went right except for the series and movies. So why not head back home and relax while watching it on my lappy?

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