Work @ Home Extended Again

I got the news late last night after a long day at work and while I was lying in bed and trying to watch some Agents Of SHIELD. A colleague in my team messaged me and asked if I had read the news shared in an announcement email sent by our country head. I hadn’t since I had shut down my system at 11pm and so I got the info that they have declared that those of us who are currently working from home (having got systems from the office) will continue to work from home until December 31st, 2020! They will look at the situation after a while and see if they can make a change but it does not look likely.

In the current situation, as the number of infected people starts going up in India and even in my state and city. I just heard that with 241 fresh cases, Kerala has registered a new Covid 19 peak on Saturday with the coronavirus situation taking a turn for worse in state capital Thiruvananthapuram and port city of Kochi. A worried Indian Medical Association (IMA), Kerala chapter has asked the state government to enforce a strict lockdown in containment areas and restrict movement of people to avert community spread. Saturday’s tally is the biggest single-day spike in the state since the outbreak in January. The total number of cases registered so far in the state has gone up to 5,204. 3,050 of these patients have recovered leaving 2,129 active cases. The state has recorded 25 deaths to the disease so far, said chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s office.

The fact that the source of infection is unknown in many cases has worried the state government. The CM said that since the disease was spreading both in urban and rural areas, stricter cubs will be needed to contain it. The government is toying with the idea of enforcing a targeted confinement and triple lockdown in some of the worst-hit areas to check the spread of the contagion. Triple lockdown, a measure considered stricter than curfew allowing only police personnel’s movement, did wonders in containing the spread of the disease in Kasaragod in north Kerala earlier.

Get Anabolic Drugs on Sale and Start Cutting

Big muscles and a lean, sharp body are the goals of every bodybuilder and gym enthusiast. With intensive training, a balanced diet, and quality supplementation, they try to get rid of excess fat deposits. These layers cover the lean tissue and make muscles invisible. Still, every person (even a professional bodybuilder) must have a certain percentage of fat in the body. Simply, this macronutrient is of vital importance for life. Energy is stored in fats. Also, they regulate the inner temperature and are in charge of many other mechanisms in the human body. Find out more about the importance of fats for your health at this link.

Many bodybuilders (especially beginners) first start ripping and then work on building muscles. If you go that way, you should choose quality steroids. These preparations will help you both with gaining lean tissue and eliminating fat. But some of them are more efficient during the cutting cycle.

How Much Fat You Should Lose

It is essential to find a limit to what percentage you should cut fats, without endangering your health. That should be the primary purpose during the cutting cycle. Many steroid novices neglect this fact, as they think of getting ripped body as their only goal. They usually end up with damaged health.

Rapid fat loss is generally not possible without quality supplementation. But sometimes, professional bodybuilders have to lose some weight fast. The advice is to visit a nutritionist before starting the cutting cycle. They will determine the allowable percentage of the body fat to be cut. If you’re thinking about a particular anabolic steroid drugs on sale, medical experts can also give you some thoughts on that.

While you are on a weight loss regimen, you still have to eat enough. It is impossible to build muscle if you lack the essential nutrients in your diet. A calorie deficit is a must if you want to get rid of fat deposits, but try to upgrade this lack with quality and nutritious foods.

Choose the Right Steroid

If your goal is to get rid of excess weight, start cycling. Find preparations that have proven to be great fat-burners. They help the body to use excess fat and convert it into energy. These steroids have the so-called thermogenetic effect. It means these preparations slightly increase the body temperature, without disrupting its balance.

The warmer the body, the more calories it will burn. But when there’s no fuel from food (you reduce calorie intake on the cutting cycle), it will find a new source in fat deposits. Due to the higher temperature, triglycerides will break down and convert into energy. You will use that energy during the intense training sessions and building muscle. So it’s a win-win situation.

On the following source, read how to achieve weight loss and muscle gain at the same time:

Talk to your instructor or supplementation dealer about which steroids are best for cutting cycles. They will suggest to you how to successfully start the cutting cycle and what rules to follow to make the most of steroid use.

Avoid Water Retention

Excess water in your body can be a big problem during the cutting cycle. It is the reason why, despite the calorie deficit, you feel bloated and don’t lose weight. That is why it is essential to know which steroids act on the rapid elimination of excess fluids from the body.

In some performance enhancers, water retention has been declared as a side effect. But, as long as you use steroids properly and gradually increase over the cycle, there is no fear of side effects. Only in this way can you get a healthy and sharp body and improve overall strength and level of performance.

Signs of Water Retention

You will spot water retention according to the appearance of your muscles, but also the slow loss of weight and volume. The tissue filled with water acts like a soaked sponge. It’s quite soft to the touch. These fluffy muscles only look big, but they are weak and won’t help you improve your physique and stamina.

That is not what you want to achieve. Take care of the type of steroid you use. Read labels and always look for further explanations or experiences of other users. If you notice that you are still bloated, even though you’ve been cutting for a while, the steroid you are currently using is not for you. As seen here, colonial loans you can speed up losing water weight with healthy nutrition.

Steroids can help you shed excess fat. But their intake will not bring results if you are not physically active and don’t work on your body. The goal of exercising is not only to lose excess fat but to tighten and shape the body. You have to show off with all those muscles, as a result of your hard work.

14 Hour Stretch

I have just gotten out of a 14 hour stretch. I switched my work system on at 9 am and got out of work at 11 pm. I shit you not folks! This is easily the worst day in post lockdown. I am so tired that I can feel my eyes thanking me when I finally shot down the work system and could get out of the haze of excel sheets and Webex and conference calls. I was also on an over 60 minutes conference call – 32 minutes of which it was not required for more than half of us to be there!

This company lives on conference calls. I wish I could get out of them but it’s deemed a necessary evil in the months of working from home. Even though some employees are working at the office and a few more might join them, we will not. I most certainly will not for the next month. After that it depends on the situation; if it is good I might be told that I can go to the office and if not then it will be working from home again. The last update we had was that we would continue to work from home till October and only new staff will be working from home as getting them systems to place in their homes would be a little expensive and tough to do.

But yeah I could use a break after this. So I am going to take it easy for the weekend; though I do have some work that I will have to do. I will do that Saturday evening and keep Sunday for total relaxation. Watch a couple of movies and sleep in. That will be good. And I am working 8pm to 5am from the next week.

Smart Ways to Save for Your Future

Saving for the future means safeguarding your assets, planning for your retirement and increasing your capital. While putting money aside every month can be a viable savings plan, you won’t earn much interest on a standard savings account. With the right investments, however, you can increase your capital, generate a substantial amount of interest and look forward to a secure future.

Of course, investments can fall as well as rise, so you’ll need to consider what level of risk you’re comfortable with. While high-risk investments offer high rewards, you could lose a substantial amount if things go wrong. By opting for low or medium-risk investments, however, you can make more modest gains but minimize the danger of losing your capital.

Many people assume that investing is only for people with a substantial amount of capital at the outset. In reality, anyone can choose to invest their money for the future. With endless opportunities available, there are a variety of investments to match all budgets. If you want to prepare for the future, take a look at these smart ways to save…

Buy stocks and shares

Trading on the stock markets allows you to invest in businesses without taking on any managerial responsibility. Although you’ll need to pay a broker when you want to buy or sell, there are relatively low-cost ways of doing this. This means the bulk of your capital can be invested, rather than being spent on unnecessarily high fees and charges.

If you do choose to buy stocks or shares in a company, you’ll need to think carefully about what businesses or industries are predicting to do well in the future. Similarly, you’ll need to consider how long you want to invest your capital for. Although you can sell stocks and shares at any time, you could lose money if you need to access your funds when prices are low.

The stock market can be a risky investment, but it can also to borrow money offer high rewards. With plenty of information, guides and expert instruction online, you can even become a trader yourself and manage your own share portfolio.

Invest in real estate

If you have the capital to finance a property purchase, it can be a great investment for your future. As well as increasing in value over time, your property could generate rental income, which means you’ll receive short and long-term gains. Although property prices can fall, buying at the right time can make the investment lower risk. As property prices do tend to bounce back over time, many people consider this a relatively low-risk way to invest, providing you won’t need to realize your capital quickly.

When investing in property, it’s important to specify your goals. If you’re investing in order to finance your retirement, you may want to use a real estate IRA guide to help you plan a suitable strategy, for example. Alternatively, if you want to free casino cash no deposit maximize your short-term income, becoming an expert in the rental market might be your best bet.

Purchase cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been a popular alternative investment for some years now and many people have made a high return from this form of investment. However, you will need to spend some time learning more about it if you’re unfamiliar with the concept or the mechanics of it.

The value of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, fluctuates all the time so investors need to buy when it’s low and sell when it’s high to make a return. Of course, you’ll need to consider what trading platform you want to use to ensure security and low fees.

It’s worth noting that many jurisdictions are introducing new regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. With varying tax implications, it’s worth investigating how cryptocurrency investments are classified in your area before you decide to invest.

Try spread betting

If you want to invest in the stock market but you don’t want to buy or sell shares, spread betting might be a viable alternative. Instead of acting owning stocks or shares, you simply bet on whether their value will rise or fall. In addition to betting on individual share prices, you can bet on the performance of certain sectors or on the performance of the market as a whole.

Although spread betting seems deceptively simple, it’s advisable to be cautious. You typically bet on how far a price moves in points, so you might bet $100 per 0.1, for example. If you bet the price will rise, you’ll get a better return the higher the price rises. However, if the price falls, you’ll lose the same amount. As stock markets can rise and fall rapidly, you can potentially lose money quickly. By learning how to implement safeguards, such as stop losses, you can reduce this risk and potentially make high returns.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer, or P2P, lending is a relatively new form of investing but it’s one that’s growing in popularity. P2P lending platforms allow people to obtain loans from a variety of individuals. If someone wants to borrow $1,000, for example, they might borrow $100 from ten lenders. You can sign up as a lender as choose to lend as much as you like. With specified interest rates, you stand to get back more than you lend, which means you can increase your capital.

P2P lending platforms have various mechanisms to reduce the risk associated with lending, so you can opt for lower interest rates with reduced risks or higher interest rates with higher risks. Depending on the level of risk you’re comfortable taking, you can make a significant amount by leveraging your capital in this way.

Furthermore, P2P lending provides a good option if you only want to invest in the short-term. Different loan terms mean you can match with a borrower who only requires short-term financing, which will enable you to get your capital back plus interest relatively quickly.

Trade in FOREX

The FOREX market is used to trade currencies and works in a similar way to stock markets. As a global marketplace, you can trade on the foreign exchange market at virtually any time, so it’s ideal for people who want to take an active role in managing their investments.

Currencies trade against each other in pairs on the FX market, so you can trade speculatively and base your decisions on economic, environmental and/or political factors. If you choose to manage your FX investments yourself, you’ll need an in-depth knowledge of current affairs, geopolitical issues and global news. However, there are plenty of communities online designed to help novice traders learn more about trading successfully on the FX market.

Become a seed investor

If you’ve got a head for business, being a seed investor might be the perfect way for you to invest your money. Startups are always looking for financial backing, which is exactly where seed investors come in. Typically, you invest in the company in return for a shareholding or equity stake. Providing the company is successful and continues to grow, you can make a significant return.

Some startups look for more than just financial backing from their seed investors. If you have professional experience in a particular industry or verifiable success in a specific sector, you may be sought out for your credentials too. Depending on your contractual agreement, your role may include giving advice, acting as a mentor or taking a role in the decision-making process that impacts the future of the company.

If you do choose to become a seed investor, be sure to examine all contracts carefully and do your due diligence. A great business idea will only be successful if the company has the right people at the helm and your agreement won’t automatically give you a right to make decisions that affect the running of the company. With the right mix of people, skills and talent, however, seed investments can be a great way to increase your capital and have fun in the process.

Investing in the Future

No matter what type of investment you choose to make, it’s important to understand the potential pitfalls you could run into. By researching the various options in detail, you can determine exactly what type of investment matches your interests and the level of risk you want to take.

In addition to this, you’ll need to decide whether you want to take an active role in making investment decisions or whether you’re happy to leave it up to a professional. If you want to invest in the stock market without buying or selling shares yourself, for example, you can invest in an established fund and allow the fund manager to determine how your funds are invested.

Alternatively, you may prefer to manage investments on a day-to-day basis yourself. If so, you’ll need to ensure you have the time and expertise to monitor the markets, predict them accurately and adjust your investments accordingly.

With the right amount of research and a moderate amount of capital, investing can be an excellent way to increase your capital and even generate revenue in the process. If you want to save for your future, finding the right investment opportunity could put you on the fast-track to success.


Jaws is a 1975 American thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Peter Benchley’s 1974 novel of the same name. In the film, a man-eating great white shark attacks beachgoers at a summer resort town, prompting police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) to hunt it with the help of a marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a professional shark hunter (Robert Shaw). Murray Hamilton plays the mayor, and Lorraine Gary portrays Brody’s wife. The screenplay is credited to Benchley, who wrote the first drafts, and actor-writer Carl Gottlieb, who rewrote the script during principal photography.

During a beach party at dusk on Amity Island, a young woman, Chrissie Watkins, goes skinny dipping in the ocean. While treading water, she is violently pulled under. The next day, her partial remains are found on shore. The medical examiner’s ruling that the death was due to a shark attack leads police chief Martin Brody to close the beaches. Mayor Larry Vaughn overrules him, fearing that the town’s summer economy will be ruined and points out that the town has never had trouble with sharks. The coroner now concurs with the mayor’s theory that Chrissie was killed in a boating accident. Brody reluctantly accepts their conclusion until the shark kills a young boy, Alex Kitner, in full daylight on a crowded beach. A bounty is placed on the shark, prompting an amateur shark-hunting frenzy. Local professional shark hunter Quint offers his services for $10,000. Meanwhile, consulting oceanographer Matt Hooper examines Chrissie’s remains, and confirms her death was caused by a shark—an unusually large one.

When local fishermen catch a tiger shark, the mayor proclaims the beaches safe. Mrs. Kitner, Alex’s mother, openly blames Brody for her son’s death, leaving him guilt-ridden. Hooper disputes that it is the same predator, confirming this after no human remains are found inside it. Hooper and Brody find a half-sunken vessel while searching the night waters in Hooper’s boat. Underwater, Hooper retrieves a sizable great white shark’s tooth embedded in the submerged hull. He drops it in fright after encountering the partial corpse of local fisherman Ben Gardner. Vaughn discounts Brody and Hooper’s statements that a huge great white shark is responsible for the deaths, and refuses to close the beaches, allowing only added safety precautions. On the Fourth of July weekend, tourists pack the beaches. Following a juvenile prank in which the presence of a shark is simulated, the real shark enters a nearby estuary, killing a boater and causing Brody’s oldest son, Michael, to go into shock. Brody then convinces Vaughn to hire Quint.

Quint, Brody, and Hooper set out on Quint’s boat, the Orca, to hunt the shark. While Brody lays down a chum line, Quint waits for an opportunity to hook the shark. Without warning, it appears behind the boat. Quint, estimating its length at 25 feet (7.6 m) and weight at 3 tonnes (3.0 long tons; 3.3 short tons), harpoons it with a line attached to a flotation barrel, but the shark pulls the barrel underwater and disappears. At nightfall, Quint and Hooper drunkenly exchange stories about their assorted scars, and Quint reveals that he survived the USS Indianapolis. The shark returns unexpectedly, ramming the boat’s hull, and disabling the power. The men work through the night, repairing the engine. In the morning, Brody attempts to call the Coast Guard, but Quint, who has become obsessed with killing the shark without outside assistance, smashes the radio. After a long chase, Quint harpoons another barrel into the shark. The line is tied to the stern cleats, but the shark drags the boat backward, swamping the deck and flooding the engine compartment.

Quint prepares to sever the line to prevent the transom from being pulled out but the cleats break off, keeping the barrels attached to the shark. Quint heads toward shore to draw the shark into shallower waters, but he pushes the damaged engine past the safety limits and the overtaxed engine fails. With the Orca slowly sinking, the trio attempt a riskier approach. Hooper puts on scuba gear and enters the water in a shark-proof cage, intending to lethally inject the shark with strychnine, using a hypodermic spear. The shark attacks the cage, causing Hooper to drop the spear, which sinks and is lost. While the shark thrashes in the tangled remains of the cage, Hooper manages to escape to the seabed. The shark escapes and leaps onto the sinking deck of the boat, dragging Quint down and devouring him. Trapped on the sinking vessel, Brody jams a pressurized scuba tank into the shark’s mouth, and, climbing the crow’s nest, shoots the tank with Quint’s rifle. The resulting explosion obliterates the shark. Hooper surfaces, and he and Brody paddle back to Amity Island clinging to the remaining barrels.

To be honest, watching it from beginning to end for the first time in 2020 the movie didn’t really stand out for me. I even found some of the acting in the beginning to be off and parts of the film boring. Still I do acknowledge it’s iconic standing among fans of movies and for animal attacks in particular. I give it a 7.5 outta 10!

Arsenal 4 Norwich 0

A howler by goalkeeper Tim Krul helped set Arsenal on their way to a win that lifts them up to seventh as bottom club Norwich City’s hopes of staying in the Premier League faded further. Dutchman Krul lost possession to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on the edge of his own penalty area for Arsenal’s opener, the Gabon forward whipping the ball from his feet to score his 18th top-flight goal of the season. Aubameyang then turned provider for Swiss midfielder Granit Xhaka to sweep home his first club goal since March 2019 before Aubameyang added another after a mistake by Josip Drmic. Cedric Soares completed the rout, the substitute scoring from outside the penalty area 229 seconds after coming on for his Gunners debut.

Norwich, seven points from safety with six games left, hit the woodwork through Ben Godfrey when the game was goalless, while Emiliano Martinez produced a fine save to keep out Kenny McLean’s free-kick. This was a highly satisfactory return to the Emirates Stadium for Mikel Arteta’s side as they marked their first competitive home match since 7 March with an easy win. Having lost their first two matches after the restart, the Gunners have now won their past three, have an FA Cup semi-final to look forward to, while Aubameyang is level on 19 goals with Leicester’s Jamie Vardy at the top of the Premier League scoring charts. His first was a gift, Krul easily dispossessed after a back pass by Godfrey as Aubameyang steamed in to score before laying on the pass for Xhaka to double the lead before half-time.

Another mistake, this time by Swiss forward Drmic, allowed Aubameyang to pounce for the third, with Soares rounding off an emphatic win with the goal of the night from distance. Aubameyang, the fastest Arsenal player to 50 Premier League goals, is yet to pledge his long-term future to the Gunners, with his current contract due to expire in 2021. The Gunners will hope he can be persuaded to stay after another inspirational performance by the forward, who has 51 league goals for Arsenal in 79 games.

I Am An Airtel Customer Now

It has finally happened. I joined up as a customer to a company that I never though I would join up with – Airtel. I have worked with both Idea and Vodafone and they are ofcourse huge rivals with each other and Airtel. Ofcourse a few years ago Reliance did what they did and came up with Jio and gave away free internet for many months and created a huge customer base and made it near impossible for Vodafone & Idea to compete.

Those two companies have since merged to stay competitive (and also laid off a lot of their staff in the process, some of whom I know and some of whom are my friends) and make whatever money from their share in the process as Jio loomed large in the spectrum. Airtel is the second largest mobile network operator in India and the second largest mobile network operator in the world with over 411.42 million subscribers. Airtel was named India’s 2nd most valuable brand in the first ever Brandz ranking.

Anyway there was always something about Airtel I never liked (I always thought that their plans seemed to be catered towards more kids in school & colleges and people just fresh out of them. I do not think that is the case anymore and haven’t for a while. So I took a new postpaid connection with them which I will put in my Oppo F11 Pro phone while the Vodafone connection goes to my new Realme X2 Pro.


You see this ridiculous thing on the left side? The spike bracelet or whatever it’s called? Bracelet of spikes. You can buy them on Amazon or Etsy. I think this was the rage during the 80s as I saw many metal bands who have members wearing them and a bunch of fans as well.

A studded bracelet, alternatively called a spiked bracelet, is a wristband usually made with black leather and which has metallic spikes. It attaches to the arm with one or more straps, or more rarely with simple buttons. It is a usual fashion accessory worn by punk, gothic and fans of heavy metal.

So I had one as well, at the tender age of 9 or 10 if I remember correctly. But it wasn’t because of a rock or metal band that I wanted one. Oh no! It was because there was this movie called Fast Foward, which came out in 1985, and was a big hit among my friends and I. They were dancers and had a lot of breakdancers in it (remember break-dancing in the 80s?) and I was hooked onto this film. I watched it all the time and I saw some of them wearing one of these so I asked my parents to buy me one. Silly boy!

June 30: On This Day…

On this day, June 30:

Rowing Across The Lake

A Jew, A Catholic, and an atheist are rowing in Lake Erie when their boat springs a huge leak.

The Jew looks skyward, and says “Oh, Adonai, if you save me, I promise I’ll sail to Israel and spend the rest of my days trying to reclaim the land you gave us”.

The Catholic looks skyward, and says, “Oh, Jesus, if you save me, I promise I’ll fly to the Vatican and spend the rest of my days singing your praises”.

The atheist says, “Oh, guys, if you pass me that one life preserver, I promise I’ll swim to Cleveland”.

“And how will you spend the rest of your days?” the Jew and the Catholic ask.

“Well,” says the atheist, “I’m not sure, but I can tell you one thing: I’ll never go rowing with other atheists”…

My New Phone Is Here

It’s here. My new phone, the Realme X2 Pro, which I bought online on Saturday via Flipkart arrived this late afternoon. I was excited, as always on getting a new toy, but waited for 30 minutes while I got things done.


I unboxed it at around 4:15 pm I think and then setup the phone. There is no sim that I have put inside it. I will wait to get a new connection and insert that sim into my Oppo and then use my current sim in this phone. I do think it looks amazing.


She is gorgeous.

Sheffield United 1 Arsenal 2

Arsenal remain in the hunt for silverware to brighten their underwhelming season after Dani Ceballos’ 91st-minute winner took them through to the FA Cup semi-finals at Sheffield United’s expense. The on-loan midfielder slotted home a low, angled drive to win the tie in dramatic fashion, after David McGoldrick’s hooked finish just a few minutes earlier looked to have ensured extra time at Bramall Lane. The Gunners had led from midway through the first half when Nicolas Pepe had slotted home a penalty after Alexandre Lacazette had been fouled in the box by Chris Basham.

They had earlier had a reprieve when John Lundstram’s close-range header following a corner was ruled out because the scorer was offside. The home side also had another effort chalked off in the second half when John Egan poked the ball in after McGoldrick had strayed beyond the last defender. There was further bad news for Lundstram and Sheffield United with the midfielder having to be substituted before the break because of a shoulder injury. Arsenal also failed to make it through the game unscathed, with centre-back David Luiz – who had only just returned from suspension – limping out to increase their already lengthy injury list.

The win adds another fixture to Arsenal’s already crammed post-restart schedule but they will welcome it as they continue their pursuit of a European place. As for the Blades, there were positives to take from their front-foot display but they remain without a win in four games since football resumed – a run of form they must quickly arrest to ensure their otherwise impressive first campaign back in the top flight does not peter out. In a campaign that has seen Mikel Arteta only just begin to pick up the pieces of Unai Emery’s faltered regime, the world’s oldest cup competition is again their last shot at glory.

Last Relaxed Week

Another light week working at home beckons for the next 5 days. The final week of a general shift or day shift as it would be called in this industry. The upcoming week will be a 9:30 am to 6:30 pm shift after which I will have 2 30 minutes calls. One with the remote team that is helping setting things up for the new process at Hyderabad, of which I am temporarily working for until August and the other is my regular team here.

One more week where it’s quite relaxing and then another weekend before I start training remotely a new set of hires for the next 2 weeks. After that I will support them remotely for 2 more weeks before getting back to training new hires for here. I am not very happy with one aspect of the training, mainly the tool that we are gonna use. In my opinion, corporate India is always like this. Trying to make things as difficult as possible for those who actually have to do it while people in decision making abilities just sit back and make you do more.

Shift timings are gonna be killer. 8:30 pm to 5:30 am. Or is it 8pm to 5am? I can’t remember. I will check my email tomorrow morning and check and see what it is. I don’t usually like working these kind of hours but I was told that there is no other way. I am getting 4 weeks of almost relaxed working situation so I shouldn’t complain I guess. It was nice while it lasted.

Realme X2 Pro – Bought!

Well I did it again. I dipped into my savings and bought a new phone. Since I have been making some extra money I have been spending some of it on a few things that I wanted to get. I bought the chair, a bluetooth chargeable speaker, new glasses and this morning I spent Rs.32k on a new phone. Which one?

After a few days of research I realized that the Realme X2 Pro seems to be the best reviewed phone on several Indian websites for the around Rs.30,000 bracket of phones. I also looked at a Samsung phone but the processor put me off. Ralme X2 Pro smartphone runs on Android v9.0 (Pie) operating system. The phone is powered by Octa core (2.96 GHz, Single core, Kryo 485 + 2.42 GHz, Tri core, Kryo 485 + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 485) processor. It runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus Chipset. It has 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.

Realme X2 Pro smartphone has a Super AMOLED display. It measures 161 mm x 75.7 mm x 8.7 mm and weighs 199 grams. The screen has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and 405 ppi pixel density. It has an aspect ratio of 20:9 and screen-to-body ratio of 83.7 %. On camera front, the buyers get a 16 MP f/2.0, Wide Angle Primary Camera(3.419 mm focal length, 3″ sensor size, 1µm pixel size) and on the rear, there’s an 64+13+8+2 MP camera with features like Fixed Focus. It is backed by a 4000 mAh battery. Connectivity features in the smartphone include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Volte, NFC and more.