Authors I’d Like To Have Lunch With

Stephen King & Anne Rice. I’ve long been fascinated with the world of the macabre and demons, ghosts, goblins, monsters, vampires, witches & werewolves. And when it is all done in such extensive, intelligent & memorable text, it means even more to me. These are the two best authors who use thee fiction so well to spin great stories that I can read over & over again as the years go by.

So I would totally love to have a lunch with them and spend a few hours talking about the various themes and story lines in their books and debate the finer points. Hmmm now that I think about it, I would start out with a big lunch and as we talk on & on, we would move to comfortable sofas with cold drinks in hand and continue on throughout the afternoon. The evening would bring tea and coffee and we’d chat throughout and end up with dinner and a late night, fueled by lots & lots of wine. Red wine, considering the fact that it would be so appropriate for these two authors.

Ofcourse I wouldn’t want to end up having to walk home or go home even if it is in an armoured car after that. All that talk of things that are scary; what if some of these creatures came alive and attacked me while I made my way back home.

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