Award Winners & God

What people really mean when they thank god when they win an award :

“I am so important that an almighty being, who allegedly created the whole universe and everything in it, is omnipotent, omnibenevolent & omniscient blah blah blah responsible for everything and anything in that universe that – out of all the people in the earth (cause you know, we haven’t found any sentient life in other areas of the universe) he chose me to help. And not just for anything that’s life-threatening or otherwise dangerous & harmful or catastrophic or pain, hunger, thirst, morally wrong.

Nope but it’s for an ego boosting award for something that many others could have easily won. So sorry starving kids, people, animals around the world; sorry people who are being raped, looted, murdered, tortured or otherwise wronged; sorry everyone who is going through a struggle, hardship, pain etc – my god is supporting me tonight

Goodnight, hallelujah and amen motherfuckers!

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