Awesome Sunday Out

After a couple of weekends staying in at home and not going out, today I went out by 11am to join my cousin Sujith for some coffee and sandwiches at a late breakfast/brunch before going on for some drinks. Kahawa Cafe & bristro in Atlantis was our destination, a place neither of us had ever been to before. We went there and ordered some food – he had the roast beef sandwich and I had the beef burger. Both were excellent and we rated each of them a 9 outta 10!


Not sure what this cafe is best known for but it should be their milkshakes or chillers as they call them. We had these large choco chillers which were amazingly rich and delicious. I can’t be sure if I have had a better milkshake with icecream in Kochi ever. This was a 10 outta 10 for the both of us.


Much talking about movies and science fiction later we made our way a while later to Couchyn Vibe at the Grand Hotel and settled down at a table to drink some beers. Budweiser and the Magnum one were the choice for the afternoon.


It’s a shame that we can’t find places in Kochi that will serve you awesome burgers or pizzas with your beer. It’s tough but I think the 4 star and 5 stars hotels may have the option. I am not in the habit of visiting 4 or 5 star restaurants at all but I guess we will try one someday soon.


We had barbecued chicken sausages (delicious by the way) and a poor Teriyaki beef plate which was way too salty and vinegary for our tastes. No problem the rest of the stuff was top class so we didn’t have any complaints. By 5 pm we left the hotel and went back to our respective homes.

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