Baby Girl Born

My thoughts are with my cousin at this moment. My cousin’s wife recently had to have an emergency cesarean done. She was 7 months pregnant and had a personal tragedy when her father passed away rather suddenly a few days back. So she traveled from Bangalore to Cochin to be with her family and attend her father’s funeral.

The stress of pregnancy, the sadness and loss felt at the death of her father and the emotional toll that it took on her while arranging the funeral must have had a heavy adverse effect on her and she felt ill. After she was admitted to the hospital, the doctors informed her family that she must have the emergency operation immediately. So a couple of days ago, my cousin and his wife welcomed their first born, a tiny premature baby girl who weight no more than 1 kilo.

I do not know how I am going to go and see this little neice of mine who must stay within the confines of an incubator for about 3 months. But go I must and see this precious little bundle.

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  1. Monu had posted on his FB page that he had become and uncle, and I had congratulated him on that. It wasn’t until I spoke to my parents the next day that I realized the circumstances. Please let me know when you’ve been to see Annie and Appu – and let them know that we are all praying for them and their daughter. Do you know if they’ve named her yet?
    Keep us informed!

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