Babylon 5 : Signs & Portents (Season 1)

So as season 1 starts, one year has passed since the events of the pilot movie. Commander Jeffery Sinclair is in charge of the station and has a new first officer, Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova, a Russian whose pilot brother was killed during the Earth-Minbari war. She also has a deep distaste for telepathics & the organization Psi Corps, because her mother was one and she was subjected to cruel tests by them and later committed suicide. Talia Winters from Psi Corps is assigned to Babylon 5 to serve as its second resident commercial telepath. (as Lyta Alexander has been assigned elsewhere. Michael Garibaldi is in charge of Security on the station.

Much of the story revolves around Sinclair’s gradual discovery that it was his capture by the Minbari at the Battle of the Line which ended the war against Earth. Upon capturing Sinclair, the Minbari came to believe that Valen, a great Minbari leader and hero of the last Minbari-Shadow war, had been reincarnated as the Commander. Concluding that others of their species had been, and were continuing to be reborn as humans, and in obedience to the edict that Minbari do not kill one another, lest they harm the soul, they stopped the war just as Earth’s final defenses were on the verge of collapse.

During the season Narn ambassador G’Kar & his Centauri counterpart Londo Molari are usually at loggerheads and the season opener has the Narn attack a Centauri colony. Strange aliens like the Soul Hunters ( an immortal race who can sense death and supposedly steal someone’s soul) and a Dilgar named Jha’dur aka Deathwalker (played by the delightful Sarah Douglas) come and go instigating trouble. Catheine Sakai (the lovely Julia Nickson), Sinclar’s old flame is also is a recurring character and the two rekindle their affair as she makes regular visits to Babylon 5 on business. The station has to deal with Psi Corps agent Bester (played by Star Trek‘s Walter Koenig) who are out to apprehend a rogue telepath with exceptional powers & who takes refuge on Babylon 5.

Ivanova has to deal with her father’s death and also her resentment of all telepaths before she becomes friends with Talia. Towards the end of the season Londo is helped by a mysterious man named Morden whose associates, the Shadows caused the death of 10,000 Narns and makes Londo a hero to his own people. The Shadows are a super advanced alien race that comes out of cloaked vessels to attack & brutally kill the Narns. Meanwhile there is a plot to kill Earth President Luis Santiago which happens and the VP is sworn in as his replacement. Delenn undergoes a metamorphosis and her fate in unknown at the end of season 1 as she remains wrapped in a cocoon and her assistant Lennier will not let anyone or anything disturb her. Garibaldi’s aide has attempted to kill him to keep the assassination plot secret and Michael is in medical bay being cared for by Dr. Stephen Franklin. What will happen in season 2?

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