Babylon 5 : The Coming of Shadows (Season 2)

As we enter season 2 from season 1, Commander Jeffery Sinclair has moved on be Earth’s Ambassador to Minbar and Captain John Sheridan has taken over as as the military governor of the station. Some Minbari do not like this appointment due to Sheridan’s success in destroying Minbari ships during the war. He and the command staff learn that the death of President Santiago was actually an assassination masterminded by Vice President Clark (who assumed the Presidency upon Santiago’s death). One of the major developments is Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari unknowingly enlists the Shadows aid through his association with the mysterious Mr. Morden in the ongoing conflict with the Narn.

A rogue Minbari warship is on the loose in hyperspace; and the truth behind the end of the Minbari War is revealed. Garibaldi is fighting for his life and Dr. Franklin takes extreme measures to save his friend using the mysterious alien medical device. Ambassador Delenn emerges from her chrysalis changed dramitaically; she has hair and looks more like a lovely human woman and less like a Minbari. This would lead to her authority being questioned within the Minbari. Londo continues to use Morden and his associates to gain prestige and power, while a dangerous Drazi conflict is handled by Ivanova. Londo’s three wives arrive on the station while Delenn seeks Ivanova’s help in adjusting to her new human characteristics; and Talia’s ex-husband, a fellow Psi Corps telepath, arrives on the station with an intriguing story.

Their trysts with the PSI Corps is not restricted to just that event; Bester arrives searching for an underground railroad helping rogue telepaths to escape the Corps; his arrival sparks discord amongst the command staff as they realise that an insider is helping the railroad. Garibaldi is the first to notice a group called the Rangers and encounters some of them. Babylon 5 plays host to 25,000 EarthForce marines, known as “ground-pounders”, led by General Richard Franklin, Stephen’s father and the conflicts & disagreements between father & son are there for all to see. Sheridan is abducted by an alien race, where he must fight his way off their ship, while Delenn is summoned to the Grey council. G’Kar attempts to rally support for his people from Sheridan and the Earth Alliance; Ivanova goes to great lengths to secure an alliance with a new race. Sheridan nearly loses his command after he kills a Minbari in self-defense, clearly a ploy to get rid of him.

After a news crew comes to shoot a documentary on the station, Sheridan discovers a connection between his late wife and the mysterious Mr Morden, and makes enemies of everyone around him when he has Morden detained. He is too furious to care. A deadly plague threatens the Markab race with extinction, leaving Franklin in a race against time to find the cure before even more species are infected. Lyta Alexander returns to Babylon 5 with news that one of the command staff may, unknowingly, be a sleeper agent for the Psi Corps. The agent is revealed to be telepath Talia Winters, the woman who replaced Lyta almost 2 years ago on Babylon 5. Lyta will soon become a recurring character in season 3 as well. Lead by Londo’s tactics the Centauri war machine rolls on towards the Narn homeworld, unknowingly aided by the Shadows, while the remains of the Narn fleet plan a last-ditch counter-attack. The Vorlons send an “Inquisitor” to Babylon 5 to test Sheridan and Delenn’s readiness to lead the Army of Light. In a cruel test the two are proved to be worthy.

The command staff are caught between a rock and a hard place when Sheridan agrees to give sanctuary to a Narn warship, while EarthForce attempts to placate the increasingly aggressive Centauri Republic. The Nightwatch, a group supposed to bring extra order & help to the station and other outposts like it, begins to expand their influence on the station. From a volunteer organization it will soon become more like a militant one.

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