Babylon 5 : The Wheel Of Fire

The 5th & final season of Babylon 5 (although we still have a couple of more movies to come) was titled The Wheel Of Fire. John Sheridan is targeted by an assassin in the lead up to his inauguration as President of the Interstellar Alliance. At the behest of Sheridan, Captain Elizabeth Lochley (the lovely & sexy Traci Scoggins joins the main cast as a regular character)  arrives from Earth to take command of Babylon 5. A group of rogue telepaths, led by the charismatic Byron, come to the station looking for sanctuary. Delenn & Sheridan go about their various duties on the station as they also adjust to life as newlyweds. Londo suffers a heart attack and falls into a surreal dream, where he must face his greatest fear in order to survive. Lennier decides to leave Delenn’s service and return to Minbar.

Sheridan clashes with the various member worlds of the Alliance over the Declaration of Principles. An isolated world on the Rim asks for the Alliance’s help in defending themselves against Raiders. Garibaldi attempts to recruit telepaths for intelligence operations. As Babylon 5 comes under attack by an alien race, ordinary maintenance workers Mack and Bo work to keep the station running. Two Minbari Ranger trainees visit the station, Garibaldi investigates Lockley’s background, and Zack investigates a murder Down Below. The command crew are put in a difficult position when a unit of Psi Cops, led by Bester, comes to the station to arrest the colony of telepaths. Lyta becomes closer to Byron and the colony of telepaths, while Franklin investigates a secret from the Hyach race’s distant past. Babylon 5 becomes part of the Brakiri “Day of the Dead” festival, in which people are visited by the deceased from their past. Famous entertainers Rebo and Zooty visit the station.Byron and the telepath colony bring an ultimatum to the Interstellar Alliance. Londo returns to Centauri Prime, with G’Kar as his bodyguard, and discovers intrigue and danger in the Royal Court. The situation between the Alliance and the telepath colony continues to deteriorate when Bester arrives on the station. Londo and G’Kar discover an old friend in the Centauri Royal Court.

The standoff between the telepaths, the Alliance and the Psi Corps ends in blood and tragedy. Garibaldi confronts his nemesis. Garibaldi’s relapse into alcoholism jeopardises a covert mission to the Drazi homeworld. G’Kar discovers that he has become a religious leader to his people.With a pair of trainee Psi Cops in tow, Bester pursues a murderous rogue telepath from Mars to Babylon 5. Lennier undergoes Ranger training aboard one of the White Star vessels, while secretly on a mission for Delenn and the Alliance. Meanwhile, the Drazi bug Londo’s quarters and face the wrath of Vir. Lennier risks his life to uncover the proof needed to implicate the Centauri in the attacks on shipping lanes. Lise arrives on the station and confronts Garibaldi about his relapse. Sheridan and Delenn bring formal charges against the Centauri Republic, bringing the Centauri and the Alliance to the brink of war. As the war between the Alliance and the Centauri grows more intense, Sheridan must contend with rogue Narn and Drazi generals who want to take drastic action. Lyta and Franklin uncover a startling truth behind the Centauri campaign. The fate of Centauri Prime is decided, between the weapons of the Alliance and the threats of the Drakh. Delenn and Lennier are stranded in hyperspace. G’Kar deals with the ‘cult of personality’ that is forming around him. Delenn learns that she is pregnant. Lochley helps Garibaldi deal with his problems with alcoholism. As G’Kar plans to leave Babylon 5 with Lyta, the crew avert an assassination attempt on Garibaldi and Lise with the help of an old ally.

Sheridan and Delenn finally depart Babylon 5 for the IA’s new headquarters on Minbar. Franklin leaves for his new posting on Earth. Garibaldi settles into his new corporate life. And Lennier makes a terrible choice and must face the consequences.Twenty years after the end of the Shadow War, Sheridan is approaching the end of his life and decides to gather together all his old friends one last time. After a fond farewell dinner with Delenn, Garibaldi, Franlin, Ivanova & Vir. The next morning after a final goodbye to Delenn, Sheridan leaves for Babylon 5. He is greeted by Zack Allen who tells him that the station is being shut down. Sheriden says his goodbye to Zack and the station and leaves for another system and as his lifesigns fades away Lorien appears to Sheridan and tells him that the First Ones have not forgotten him, and that they have been waiting for him beyond the rim of the galaxy. Sheridan asks if he can come back, but Lorien tells him that his old life is over and that it is time to start a new journey. Ivanova, Garibaldi, Franklin, Delenn, Vir, and Zack attend the decommissioning ceremony, taking one last look around the station before departing on the final shuttle against an honor guard of ships from member worlds of the Alliance. The final shutdowns are completed as a maintenance worker (played as a cameo appearance by creator of Babylon 5, and writer and director of this episode, J. Michael Straczynski) shuts down the system and the fusion reactors are set to overload. Babylon 5’s existence ends in fire, as was prophesied.

Sad ending to a great show. Wonderful cast (some of who have left us now) & writers/producers/directors & crew.

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