Back Home & Unpacked

The last couple of days have been really frustrating. So the elevator has been fixed and running from Monday and we were told by the guy in charge that we could move back in anytime we wanted. Since we got to know it a little late in the day we decided to wait till Tuesday. But on Tuesday we wanted the apartment to be cleaned as well so the maid came here and cleaned the whole place. Tuesday my dad was feeling tired so we thought we’ll move on Wednesday. As I had to go to the office in the evening, I packed up everything and my mom, dad and sister would move the stuff back home.

Last night my sister sent me a message saying that since they were out late they decided to move on Thursday, which is today. I reached home last night, or early this morning as it was 4:30 am, to find that the elevator wasn’t working. Apparently they were working on placing slabs around the frame and hence some of the tiny rubble got inside and that’s why the elevator got stuck. I walked up the 7 floors and called my folks to tell them to not come unless the elevator was working. By 10:30 am I woke up and saw that the elevator was working. But a couple of workers came by and stopped the elevator as they would be continuing the work for another two days. So the elevator would be switched off during the day. Then why the fuck were we told that we could move back?

I came to my sister’s place and spoke to my mom and dad and checked as to when they could move. I spoke to the guy in charge and he was an asshole and didn’t even want to help. But I got my belongings and came back home, waited in the heat for the guys to finish their lunch, made the guys switch the elevator back on for me, and got in to my apartment. I can’t stand living away like this for so long. What a shitty situation!

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