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I haven’t a trained a batch in over a year.  June 2009 was the last time that I had conducted a Preprocess training for a batch of new inductees to the call center where I work. That time and this time now the reason why I am stepping in away from my normal profile of managing the training department and handling a batch is that my other trainers are occupied elsewhere and a new batch has come in. As  have only two Preprocess trainers and both are tied up, I had to step in.

I love training and especially when the batches begin to respond to me. I have a batch of 19 new joinees that got inducted to the company yesterday and I started training for them today. 7 girls and 12 boys, out which most were born in 1988-89; just two exceptions who are a bit more older. I looked at the excel sheet that contains their details and I see DOB as 1989 and I wonder; 1989? I had my first real big crush at the age of 13 back in 1989? Sheesh, that makes me feel ancient.

Anyways, I did enjoy the training for the most part. None of them seem particularly disinterested, ill-disciplined, problematic or antagonistic to me. I had their attention for the most part and had them rolling in their seats with laughter at my witty jokes. Ok, my jokes are pretty dumb and some of them are now old (I try to keep the jokes limited to the kind of work in particular and the things that I remember happening to me & my colleagues when I was a call center rep). But they were into it. I organized a couple of activities, the second of which had me give out kitkats to the winning group. I promised them more goodies during the course of the 5 day training program. I look forward to the next four days.

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  1. Preprocess and Process training are always fun. But the mood changes once we hit the floor.. So happy to know that you still love training.. I think you dint DOB excel sheet during your first ever training in FS. I was there with DOB 1988. Feeling too lucky to be a part of your training batch!!

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