Back To Night Shifts

So I am back to the evening shifts again. I was sort of getting the grove on the morning shifts, waking up at 6 am and getting to work by 8:30 am but most importantly getting off work by 5:30 pm which was awesome. Though in reality I was leaving the office by 6pm and getting home by 7 pm in the fucking traffic which has been killer these past couple of weeks.

Being able to drink a beer at home after work was also good. I did that twice; once on Wednesday night and then after the shitty day on Friday I just had to come back home and drown my woes in a couple of beers. I only got to leave the office by 8 pm and catch an Ola ride back home. I came in and asked dad and mom if they wanted some chilly chicken since I wanted to order some and drink my beers. Dad had already had dinner as he had gone out for the evening so mom and I ate the chicken and I drank my brewskis.

That is an awesome thing being able to enjoy a beer after you come back home from a tough day at work. I don’t want to drink at 4 am or 4:15 am so I don’t do that after coming home from work during the night shifts. Some people do but I don’t. Anyways, I have the weekend for beers and other drinks.

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