Back To The 9 Hour Grind

Back at the office. First day back, is always bad after you have been away for so many days. Granted I was in Gurgaon for work but sitting in a nice room and undergoing training, which was a fun training by the way, but a lot more relaxed. Plus it wasn’t my own office and I had no responsibilities other than attending the session. That was easy. Yesterday however getting back to my office and opening up my system and downloading the tons of emails meant a headache was a coming.

Let me tell you this, I reached my seat by 4:25 pm and switched it on and the emails stopped flowing in only by 7:45 pm! Can you dig that? All that email! Granted a whole lot of them were junk (I am an admin for a tool that creates ids for our process and hence I get a shit ton of mail from that vendor that is irrelevant to my location and I just hit delete) and I can easily dispose of them. But the rest was time consuming. I took a dinner break at 8:45 pm and came back for more. At 11:30 pm till midnight our team had a quick session and discussion followed by more work and by 1 am I was done so I took a break and got a cold milk drink break. I was also getting really sleepy.

I got my cab by 2am and reached home 30 minutes later. I was falling asleep in the cab, having difficulty in keeping my eyes open and fell asleep as soon as I reached my room and stripped my clothes off and lie on the bed. Deep sleep with no dream to confuse me this morning. I woke up almost 7 hours later and am now on coffee mode.

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