Back To The Grind

Well it’s always a bad time when you go back to work after a few days off. We had a 4 day long weekend and yesterday I went back to work for a 5:30 pm to 2:30 am shift. I now work for four days this week, till Friday, and then —- only two days off? What the hell!

I had to go the Vodafone store to try and get a replacement SIM for my mom’s phone but there was a huge section of people waiting their turn to try and get solutions for their problems and concerns that I knew that it might be a 2 hour wait for me. Not wanting to be too late for work, I left after 5:15 pm and went to work, had coffee with a couple of colleagues before engaging my current batch of trainees.

Not really happy with the current lot. A colleague of mine were watching them closely and not at all satisfied with their commitment to getting things finished. Anyways, I completed my work and showed them some examples of what they are to do and then setup what they could expect for today and then by 2:30 am I made my way back home and watched 3 episodes of Frasier before I fell asleep.

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