Back To The Weekly Grind

So it was back to work today after a 3 day weekend and back to the bustle and grind of a regular work day. I also worked in an additional 3 hours for good measure. Well, it’s expected that I will have to churn in a few extra hours with the work load that we currently have at the moment and I expect that this will continue till the end of January or perhaps till mid February and after that things will be back to normal.

I am not feeling all that great but I can’t stay back and take a few days off. I wish that we in India had the same situation that people in the West enjoy, a set of 10-15 days off for the winter break. That seems reasonable to ask for but Indian companies – they don’t work like that at all. I have also never been on a holiday ever! Strange and surprising but that’s the way. I get a certain number of days off (both sick leave and personal) and if I plan it accordingly, I guess I could string together 7-10 days off and go somewhere to relax and enjoy. I am yet to do that.

Someday I will go away to a resort or a spa and relax for a week or so. Until then…cheers!

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