Back To Work

The day after a long vacation/holiday/leave/weekend is always the worst, isn’t it? So I had a long staycation from work from the 24th of March to the 1st of April. In between on Thursday, the 29th of March, I did have to go in to work but with the bosses being away and I only having to do a little bit of work and everyone being on a holiday mood with the Easter weekend starting the very next day, it was alright.

Monday being a harthal (an all out strike due to political reasons and conducted by political parties) for 24 hours it was difficult to get to work. Most people just stay indoors, having prepared in advance by buying provisions and supplies. Since the harthal kinda dies down by late evening and since I work nights, I waited to get to work. There were no public vehicles at all with just a few autos runnings. I had to wait from 6pm, when I got ready, to 9:45 pm just to get an Uber to come to work.

And ofcourse their rates will be much higher than usual. They were running at 2.5 times the usual rates for most of the evening and I was not going to pay that. I waited till it went down and then booked one and got to work. I came back home by 4:45 am and was so tired and sleepy that I slept till 12:30 pm.

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