Bad Customer Service From Tata Indicom

Here’s the mail I sent to my ISP, Tata Indicom Broadband services, on Saturday, the 11th of September, detailing the issues I have faced with their technical staff after not getting connectivity. Please read through for all the details:

My name is Roshan Gopal Krishnan. The connection is in my father’s name (C. Gopal Krishnan) but I am the sole user and I pay for the monthly bills.

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m a customer of your broadband services for about 4 years now. I must say that for 2 years or so, I never had any complaints except the occasional server being down which was understandable. However in the last 1.5 years your services have become truly pathetic, especially from a standpoint of your technical department.

  • I have stated many times to your call center agents that I do not want the service engineers (or anyone for that matter) to call my land phone number for checking up on complaints and to only call me on my cell number. Only my mother uses the land phone and neither does she use my computer/network and neither does she know how to check the statues of the router/modem light etc. Each time I am reassured by your agents that the technical staff will not call my landphone and each time they still call that number! And it’s like they demand that my mother check out the light status!!
  • My connection is down from Tuesday afternoon 2pm (cable fault is what I was told) and it is not yet rectified. Someone called me on Wednesday to ask me to check the status and said that he would call back in 10 minutes! He did not!
  • I called your call center again on Thursday night and asked Shiva, one of your agents, to escalate my call to a supervisor (Mr. Pradeep), as the complaint was closed as rectified.
  • Your service engineers claimed that on Thursday, the next day, they called me up, asked me to check & confirm and that I told them that yes it is working! This is a blatant lie! They did not call me on that day and no I did not confirm that my connection was working.
  • Mr. Pradeep said that he wanted time till 2pm the following day (Friday the 10th) to get my problem resolved. I said ok; a service engineer came to my apartment in the morning, checked my system and connectivity and said that the problem was outside in some VSNL box or something, and that he would call me a little later. He took down my number for the same.
  • A little before 2pm, he and another person from your local office (called from 0484-46606847) called me and asked me to check if I was able to use the net now. It still wasn’t working. They said that that they would call me back. At 3pm, I called back that landline number to find out what happened and I was told by the person who picked it up that it would be fixed within an hour.
  • So I waited and at 4:40 pm checked – no, it wasn’t working! I tried calling back that number – no answer. I tried called your call center number – it’s just ringing but I can’t get connected to your IVR. I kept trying throughout the evening until I finally go through to the call center. Once again I asked for the call to be transferred to a supervisor and I spoke to Mr. Prabhakar.
  • The complaint was closed – yet again – as resolved after checking with the customer! Blatant lie # 2.
  • He asked me to wait till today, as yesterday was a holiday. I am still waiting. Meanwhile I am unable to use my connection from Tuesday afternoon. Today is Saturday.

Could I ask a question please? How on earth are you closing complaints without checking with the customer? Is this just for the sake of their performance? Can I close your monthly bills the same way? Instead of paying it, can I just say that I have paid it and go on using the connection for free? Seems fair to me!!

And speaking of bills, I’m wasting my time, energy and money calling up your call center, yet you have not called me back, except once yesterday to check if it was working. Can you deduct these days rent from my monthly bill? I’m sure you will quote some policy on that which makes it impossible for you to do so. I wonder what your company policy says about lying to a customer and denying him service.

Now, I would like to get this thing sorted out once and for all. I would like a manager or someone else of accountability who can call me up and give me an explanation of why this thing is happening to me. Call me if you can. As I am unable to use my connection at home, I am forced to send this mail from my office. Call me back at 9946352876 & reply to

5 thoughts on “Bad Customer Service From Tata Indicom

  1. Dude, other operators are not any better either. Atleast you had people checking the connection at your place n stuff, bsnl wud simply refuse to send people only. I think this is a one off incident and that you stay on and only in case you have any other such issues to switch over.

  2. This is not a one off incident in terms of service being down. I’ve had issues with the way their technical staff contact me many times before and raised this issue many times. But this is the last straw.

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