Balsille & Bettman Awaits Judge’s Decision

Later today, Arizona court judge Redfield T. Baum makes a key decision that will help determine if a RIM CEO & moneybags Jim Balsillie’s dream of owning an NHL team will, in fact, become reality. Balsillie will be on hand in Phoenix along with his arch-rival NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, when the judge declared if he is going to uphold or nullify the NHL’s unanimous vote rejecting Balsillie’s bid for the Coyotes.

Balsillie has offered $215.5-million in a lucrative bid that will, of course, come with the caveat that the franchise immediately would be moved to Hamilton, Ontario and become the 7th Canadian team in the NHL. If Baum rules in favour of the NHL, Balsillie would not take part in the Sept. 10 auction for the team, barring any further litigation. And his dream will be dead.

Go Balsillie go!

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