Balsillie Offers To Buy The Coyotes

The guy sure is consistent! RIM CEO Jim Balsillie has confirmed that he has made an offer of $212.5 million US for the Phoenix Coyotes, a deal contingent on the franchise moving to southern Ontario. Balsillie has made two previous attempts to buy an NHL team – the Pittsburgh Penguins & the Nashville Predators.

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Balsillie would not identify exactly where he would like to place the team, but it is strongly believed the city of Hamilton, Ontario once again is his target. He acted quickly yesterday, swooping in to make the offer immediately after the Coyotes reportedly filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier in the day.

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Considering that the Coyotes were once the Winnipeg Jets and had to be sold to American owners and moved to Phoenix, it would be a sweet coming home for the franchise. If only the Blackberry magnate would consider moving the team back to Winnipeg!

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