Banged My Knee & It Hurts

I’m lucky that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be but it could have been worse.

Yesterday I got into a bus headed to work, as usual at around 2:45pm. After we reached Aluva it became quite crowded and I was standing at the very back of the bus. With Onam being on Friday, most offices & colleges were closing for a 4 day weekend and lots of people were rushing into buses and trains heading home to their families in different town. Anyway I was standing with hardly much room to move forward and was facing the seat on my left.

Just before Athani, there is a small bridge and two road bumps right before and after it. Any driver who passes that way regularly should know that they are there and slow down a bit but what I have noticed is that these assholes driving the state run KSRTC buses do not do that. This bastard driving the bus went quite fast on the two bumps and on the second one I was thrown up into the air by quite a few inches. I landed hard and my left knee banged against the metal part of the handrest of the seat in front of me. I yelled out loud and a few people looked back in surprise. It hurt pretty bad and I was bending over in pain but not one person asked me how I was or offered to help me. Motherfuckers were too busy with their thoughts I guess.

I couldn’t stand it at all and I got down at the next bus stop, which was Athani. The bus conductor asked me why I was getting down there as there was still a bit to go to where i had bought the ticket for. I just glared at him and the people in the bus and as it moved off, I said a big FUCK YOU and gave them the middle finger salute.

I leaned back at the bus stop, waited a bit and then boarded another bus to the office. I was limping my way into the office and luckily for me there was a spray bottle for sprains & muscle pulls in the medicine box. I used that liberally twice during the evening work shift and kept my left leg raised ontop of another chair for most of the time. I limped my way back on the way home but this morning it feels much better.

To all those people, my fellow travelers, at the back of the bus who heard my agony and did nothing and not even ask me how I was, to the bus conductor & the driver – all of you going home to enjoy Onam and have a grand feast? Well I hope there is a cockroach in your payasam and I hope you all get dysentery you fucking assholes!

2 thoughts on “Banged My Knee & It Hurts

  1. Yeah it’s much better. It still was sore all yesterday but lots of nap time helped as did the spray.

    Poor me. boo hoo hoo.

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