Banning Movies Due To Religious Sentiments

The idiots are at it again. The religious righteousness with their holier than thou attitude and their fragile egos & sensibilities in India have filed cases against two movies in India, both from the South. They have their knickers in a twist!

Romans a Malayalam comedy & thriller movie that was released less than 10 days ago and is about two jailbirds, con artists and thieves, who escape while being transported to a jail. They end up in a village at the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border, where they are mistaken for a pair of priests expected at the local monastery. The duo masquerade as priests, and reopen a church which has been closed for years, thereby winning over the villagers who mistake them to be priest sent from Roman (hence the title). A series of events that take place after their arrival bring about a change in their outlook towards life and society. For those of you who have seen the 1989 Robert De Niro & Sean Penn movie We’re No Angels – it’s basically the same plot. Even as the movie is running successfully and getting mostly positive reviews, a court  case has been made against the duo by the First Class magistrate of the Changanassery for showing the Catholic priesthood under bad light. The court has asked the police to register a case against these lead actors , the movie director Boban Samuel , producer Arun Ghosh and Bijoy Chandran and script writer Y V Rajesh   and investigate whether the writ presented by Adv Boban Thekkel complaining  about the movie holds any ground.

Across the border into Tamil Nadu, megastar Indian actor/producer/director for the past few decades & noted atheist Kamal Hassan, who has in the past made movies that were anti-theist in nature, has drawn flack from the muslim community for the content of his latest movie Vishwaroopam. due to persistent allegations made by Islamic organizations including the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham have protested against the film, which they say ‘shows Islam and muslims in a bad light’. The release of the movie in Tamil Nadu has been pushed back to after January 28th, during which the ruling high court judge will have a special screening and then rule on the basis of the case against it. Some other places have delayed the screening of the film. However the film continues to run in theatres in Kerala despite protests from a section of Muslim organisations and there were some disruptions in certain parts of the state. This just makes me want to see this film and I just might break my 17 year fast of not having watched a single Tamil language movie from end to end!

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